As of March 5, 2017, this page is no longer being updated. Attendees will pick up their schedule at registration and will have access to an online schedule via the guidebook app.

Friday, March 10th

4:00 pm

Hospitality Kickoff Happy Hour & Icebreaker: Host Mark Glancey will lead an icebreaker event to help everyone become acquainted and oriented to the weekend’s activities.

Game Room Official start of Gaming: Gaming Chair Yale Balotin and Game Hosts will offer continuous gaming all weekend in the Games Room. Bringing a game to share? Let us know! In addition, watch the schedule for tournaments and special events!

Marketplace Fine Art Show with Arts & Crafts, and SIG Meet & Greet

6:00 pm

Cascade 11 Ganja 101: Everything you wanted to know about medical and legal marijuana, and Washington’s marijuana laws.  [Must be 21 w ID]

Cascade 12 Impossible Trivia: No-host event. Complete the Impossible Trivia Test, either alone or with a team of friends (No phones, on your honor!). Winner with the most correct answers gets a prize.

Hospitality Buffet Dinner with Open Mic Karaoke and cash bar.

Game Room Open Gaming Games and tables will be available nonstop from 4 pm Friday until Noon Sunday in the Game Room.

7:00 pm

Cascade 11 M’s in Babeland: Claire Cavanah and Rachel Venning opened the first Babeland store in 1993 in response to the lack of women-friendly sex shops in Seattle. Join Cyndy Wilson from Babeland for a fun pop-up shop of unique products, including toys and books. Must be 18 with ID.

8:00 pm

Cascade 12 Pajama Party! Enjoy our Emerald City Double Feature in your comfy PJs! Popcorn will be available, bring your own pillow and blanket!

Hospitality Karaoke Contest! Emerald City Karaoke Idol. Show us your star superpower! Sign up to be a singer and a shot at being crowned the Emerald City Karaoke Idol. Winner gets a prize! Or, if singing isn’t your forte, give us your best “Simon Cowell” “Paula Abdul” or “Randy Jackson” as one of our three judges.

Game Room Poker Tournament, open gaming continues.

9:00 pm

Cascade 11 Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone, with Allena Gabosch. Join us as we explore Sex Positivity: a world of kink, non-monogamy and sex.  Join Allena Gabosch for a frank discussion of what is commonly called the Alt Sex World.  Bring your questions and stories.  Then stay and join us for our post-discussion meet and greet.

10:00 pm

Cascade 12 Pajama Party continues with second film. TBD.

Hospitality Open Mic Karaoke continues after the Emerald City Karaoke Idol has been crowned.

Game Room Open tabletop gaming available; poker tournament continues to its conclusion.

Saturday, March 11th


NW Ballroom Lobby No-host outdoor adventure. Meet for a morning walk to explore a part of Seattle’s Interurban Trail and enjoy fitness with fellow M’s

Cascade 13 AM Yoga. Enjoy a light yoga session to wake up and greet the day.

Hospitality Continental breakfast available until 10:00 am.

Game Room Open Gaming available.

8:45 am

Cascade 11 Ask the Captain with Fran Doyle Fran will share the view from the front end of the airliner based on his long and illustrious career as a military and commercial jet pilot.


Cascade 12 Say Yes to Yeast: Bread, Cheese & Beer. Discover how this fabulous fungus gives us amazing benefits, and learn how you can make your own food and beverages at home.

Hospitality Breakfast, continued.

Game Room Scavenger Hunt! The official start to the Scavenger Hunt is at 9 am. Stop by any time after 9 am to pick up your booklet. The game runs 24 hours; booklets must be turned in by 9 am Sunday and the winner will be announced after Sunday’s Panel Discussion. The game may be played alone or in teams, see booklet for complete rules.

10:00 am

Hospitality Breakfast ends at 10:00 am

Game Room Do we need a tournament?  Or just an iteration of “Catan – The Big Game?” Show up to play and vote with your feet.

Marketplace Enjoy the fabulous Northwest Culture Experience from 10am to 6pm, with booths and tables showcasing delights of the Pacific Northwest. Don’t miss out!

10:30 am

Cascade 11 Roger Meece: Out of Africa. An illuminating lecture on “The Dark Continent” from an expert in African culture, politics, and history. Mr. Meece will present a lecture entitled, “Africa: A Look at the Potential and Problems of a Vast Continent – Beyond the Headlines,” which promises to be a look inside this much misunderstood region. We are very pleased to present Mr. Meece; please come prepared with any questions you may have about Africa.

Cascade 12 Traca Savadogo: Curiosity Conversations, The Power of Asking Questions. Traca’s “Curiosity Conversations” are addicting; for her, striking up conversations with strangers is like a hotwired joyride. Whether online or in person, the power of asking questions has sparked countless opportunities – from sailing with a jaguar hunter in the Caribbean to making waffles with a nuclear particle physicist working on CERN’s Hadron Collider. Reared on a Midwest mantra, “Strangers Are Friends You Haven’t Met Yet,” she believes everyone has a story, and the most important adventure begins exactly where you are. How do you have your own Curiosity Conversations?

“Tall Poppy” is an Australian expression for “happy high achiever;” Traca uses “Seattle Tall Poppy” as the name of her blog. Learn how you can employ Traca’s tactics to unlock the power of questions and make more connections with the people around you to enlarge your sphere of communication, improve relationships, and become your own tall poppy.


Hospitality Lunch will be available until 2pm


Cascade 12 The wildly popular Science Game Show returns, with your Host, Nancy Tennent! Come show what you know and how well you think on your feet! M’s will divide into teams and compete for Official Smarty Pants© Team Trophy and the accolades of your peers.


Cascade 11 Torri Brown: Improving Your Quality of Life. 17-year old Torri has previously spoken about improving science education in “Building Better Humans” at Ignite Seattle. She will discuss the life lessons she learned from her father through her experience of being home schooled, which have shaped her into young woman she has become. She attributes her phenomenal success to these life lessons, and wishes to share them so that others can find their own success.


Cascade 11 A Clockwork Phoenix: David Carl and the Seattle Gaming Industry. David Carl, better known as DC within the gaming community (or anywhere else that isn’t his mom’s house) is a professional game developer who has worked on tabletop miniatures games, board games, card games, and role-playing games.  DC will speak about his journey through the world of game development, and discuss what makes the difference between a good game and a truly great game.

Cascade 12 Hidden Hazards in Your Environment Karen Bowman, RN has been advocating for safe and equitable working conditions and environmental health for over three decades. She will share her experience as an advocate for health legislation to strengthen workplace health and safety, sustainable food systems, chemical policy reform, climate heath, clean air and more, and she will talk about how you can become more involved in improving your own wellness and that of your community by being involved in shaping the local, state, and federal policies that govern and affect environmental health.

4:30 pm

Cascade 11 What We Still Don’t Know with Dr. Brian Tillotson. Science is not a body of knowledge, but an approach to answer questions. Today’s science is grappling with several big questions.  For example, what is the unseen 95% of matter and energy? What is consciousness? Are we alone in the universe? Join us as Brian Tillotson reviews these and other big, contemporary questions, what we know about each of them so far, and what scientists are doing to find answers.

Cascade 12 Discovering The Artist Inside: The Creative Process Christopher James, known in the art world as “Siege,” is a prominent Northwestern artist who believes the painter “…should never describe his paintings, ever, for any reason. The art itself should do all the talking!”

Siege says that the key element in creating art is recklessness. To tap into your inner artist, you have to “…just work, and don’t be careful.”  Come and join him on a journey to discover the artist within you, and find your own creative process.

Siege is also hosting a show of his work during the RG, you are invited to come and enjoy his unique vision.


Cascade 11 Myers-Briggs with Dr. H. Stanley Jones The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory is to make the theory of psychological types described by C. G. Jung understandable and useful in people’s lives. The essence of the theory is that much seemingly random variation in the behavior is actually quite orderly and consistent, being due to basic differences in the ways individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.

Cascade 12 Investigating Game Theory with Marcelo Guerra Hahn

Hospitality Emerald City RG Cocktail Reception: from 6-7pm. Wet your whistle with specialty cocktails from the cash bar and be seen with the glamourous people of Oz. Come dressed to the 9’s for this sparkling event with the glitterati of the Emerald City, and enjoy the music of talented M performers.


Hospitality Emerald City RG Gala Banquet (extra ticket required): enjoy a lavish seated dinner with entertainment from Raqs Maleka and Keynote Speaker Dr. Kevin Bailey.

Raqs Maleka featuring Katia Sahar Katia began her study of Middle Eastern Dance in Salt Lake City, and has now made her way to the stages of Seattle. She interprets Middle Eastern Dance with the grace and poise of a practiced dancer, combined with the allure of a true entertainer. Lively and engaging, her performance will add a touch of joy to your evening. Raks Maleka translates to “Dancing Queen” and is the name for Katia’s student troupe. Mainly consisting of her students from the YMCA, it is open to those who would like to perform and to those who have the time to commit to learning and having fun. Expect an exciting display of beautiful dancing and fun participation!

Dr. Kevin M. Bailey is a former Senior Scientist at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center of NOAA and affiliate Full Professor at the University of Washington. He has published over 120 peer-reviewed scientific papers and book chapters.  Dr. Bailey’s 35 years studying the biology and ecology of northwest fish led him to found The Man and Sea Institute, which allows him to pursue his mission of helping to preserve the unique traditional lifestyle and relationship of man and sea in a sustainable manner. He has received numerous awards and recognitions from NOAA, and in 2008 was awarded the prestigious Oscar Sette Award for lifetime achievement in marine fisheries by the American Fisheries Society.

Dr. Bailey’s first book, Billion-Dollar Fish, was published by the University of Chicago Press in 2013. Praised for its thorough and careful research into the troubled Alaskan pollock industry, Billion-Dollar Fish artfully lays out the complex political, economic, social, and environmental controversies threatening this ubiquitous fish.

Dr. Bailey’s most recent book, The Western Flyer: Steinbeck’s Boat, The Sea of Cortez, and the Saga of Pacific Fisheries, gracefully weaves the tale of the most famous fishing vessel ever to have sailed.  Drawing on Steinbeck archives and personal interviews, as well as his extensive knowledge of Pacific Northwest marine life, Dr. Bailey tells how the glorious boat chartered for John Steinbeck’s famous 1940 expedition ended up rusted and forgotten on a Native American reservation near Anacortes. Critics have described it as “A compelling and timely tale of a boat and the people it carried, of fisheries exploited, and of fortunes won and lost, The Western Flyer is environmental history at its best: a journey through time and across the sea, charting the ebb and flow of the cobalt waters of the Pacific coast.”

After dinner, join us in the Emerald City Cantina.


Cascade 12 Pajama Party 2: The Return! Join us for this cinematic double feature. Get your popcorn and  come in your comfy clothes and prepare to relax with a super double feature TBD.


Cascade 11 Cards Against Humanity Tournament. Warning: Extremely rude and irreverent, adult themed humor and hilarity. The Bigger, Blacker Box will be available for your gaming pleasure, until you are all spent.


Cascade 12 Pajama Party 2: The Return, the second half!  Part 2 of our cinematic double feature.

Hospitality Emerald City Cantina: See and be seen in the hip scene! Enjoy lounge-style conversation and music, or hang out with your friends in this nightclub-like environment. You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind…or you can bring them with you, to the Emerald City Cantina, suitable for dancing or socializing. There will be a cash bar and an intimate atmosphere, enjoy the company of good friends or make new ones. Party until the cows come home, or 1am, whichever comes first.

Sunday, March 12th


Game Room Scavenger Hunt ends! You must have turned in your game booklet no later than 9am.

Hospitality MWW Volunteer Appreciation & New Member Appreciation event with Breakfast Panel Discussion: Who’s the Smartest of them All?? Enjoy a ribald and enthusiastic discussion by our panel of experts, portraying various geniuses from history, who will debate the ultimate questions of life. The audience will decide which of them is the smartest of all. Sign up to portray your favorite genius at registration.

11:00 am

Hospitality Breakfast concludes with the Scavenger Hunt Winner announced; end of the RG.


Scheduled programming for the 2017 Emerald City RG may change or be substituted without notice; watch the guidebook/errata sheet for the most up-to-date information.